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Since 2010, AppStudio has been designing

Apps for large-scale, high volume clients

including Subway and HotSpot.


We now design Apps solely for small

businesses who are looking for an easy

to manage, high quality App to enhance

the brand image of their business.


From the features of your App, to the

customised marketing we provide for you,

AppStudio Australia ensures your App

will bring in extra revenue.


We’re the only company that builds Apps

that look great, work well, and keep your

day-to-day work life easy (except with

more smartphone owners coming

through your door.

About AppStudio Australia



Australia's Leading App Company

Send us information about your business.

We'll create a mockup of what your App will look like.

When your App is ready, your Welcome Pack will arrive.

The more, the better. Your website or Facebook page is a great place to start.

Or you can email us with your menu, the services you provide, etc. Anything you

have that will help our designers get a feel for the style and feel of your business.

We use all the information you give us to create a great looking design for your

App that matches the look and feel of your business. Once you're happy with the design, we'll go ahead and build your App!

It takes two weeks for us to build your App and submit it to the App Stores. When

its ready, we'll send you a Welcome Pack with everything you need to know about

your App, as well as customised marketing so your customers can get it easily.

Get an App for your Business in three easy steps.

Beautiful Apps. For Small Businesses.

How do we make Apps so affordable?


Unlike other development companies, AppStudio only builds Apps for small businesses.

We don't build games, or cooking Apps, or anything else.


This dedication allows us to be very efficient at what we do, letting us build

high quality native Apps at a fraction of the cost of other companies.

Stand out from the competition.


An App is a sign of quality. Your customers will be delighted your business has its own

Smartphone App. Your business will appear bigger, professional, and more money.


When a customer compares you with your competition, your App will seperate you from

the rest everytime.

Want To Know More?

Get a free information pack with a customised mockup for your business.

We look after your App. So you don't have to.


What We Do

We take care of everything. Customers with questions talk straight to us. And we

update your App with new information whenever you send it to us.


What You Do

Your job is to let your customers know about your App. Your Welcome Pack

customised marketing for your business that makes this easy. And if you have

questions you can contact our support team 7 days a week.

Your Welcome Pack


Everything you need to know about your new App is included in your Welcome Pack.

There's also a wide range of customised marketing designed specifically for your business

that makes it easy for your customers to get your App.


Want To Know More?

Get a free information pack with a customised mockup for your business.

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